25 February 2010

If The GOP Was Open To Changing Who They Were, Then They Wouldn't Be Who They Are

Article in the Houston Chronicle reporting that the Texas Tea Partiers are trying the infiltration strategy. The system is highly resistent to change, and an infiltration strategy will fail. In the article, there is comparison to social conservatives in the GOP, but (1) they were invited in; and (2) social conservatives have only gotten a lot of rhetoric for all their support.

I doubt much will happen, except a lot of blowing sunshine up the skirts of the Tea Partiers. A lot of friendly talk in the article from the GOP establishment, who no doubt hope to dupe the Tea Partiers. I wouldn't be suprised if the Tea Partiers end up falling for it.

If the GOP was open to changing who they were, then they wouldn't be who they are.

Houston Chronicle: ‘Tea party' is seeking to bag GOP with grass-roots tactics

Taking a page from the playbook of social conservatives, the “tea party” movement is trying to change the Republican Party of Texas from the ground up.

Tea party activists in the major cities and suburbs across Texas have been recruiting and training candidates for precinct chairs as the building blocks to shift the emphasis of the state GOP from social issues to fiscal restraint by the federal government and individual freedom.

UPDATE 26Feb: Follow up to this post, with trenchant commentary here: Tea Party Bolshevism, Infiltrationist Strategy and the GOP: How to Provide the Ruling Political Class with an Aura of Legitmacy

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