18 February 2010

I.A.E.A. Now Suspects Iranian Nuclear Weapons Activity

Really? No BS? Thanks for catching up to what the rest of us have suspected for the past decade. Thank God they didn't wait for the mushroom cloud. It's too bad it won't make any difference.
The United Nations’ nuclear inspectors declared for the first time on Thursday that
they had extensive evidence of “past or current undisclosed activities” by Iran’s
military to develop a nuclear warhead, an unusually strongly worded conclusion
that seems certain to accelerate Iran’s confrontation with the United States and
other Western countries.

The report, the first under the new director general of the International
Atomic Energy Agency
, Yukiya Amano, also concluded that Iran’s weapons-related activity apparently continued “beyond 2004, “ contradicting an American intelligence assessment published a little over two years ago that concluded that work on a bomb was suspended at the end of 2003.

The report confirms that Iran has enriched small quantities of uranium to
20 percent, but makes no assessment of how close it might be to producing a
nuclear weapon, which Tehran denies it is seeking to do.

China is playing a games with their veto power on the issue of sanctions against Iran.

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