24 February 2010

Human Rights Violated in Venezuela

Venezuela violates human rights, OAS commission reports

Venezuela routinely violates human rights, often intimidating or punishing citizens based on their political beliefs, an Organization of American States commission said in a report released Wednesday.

The 319-page report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights says a lack of independence by Venezuela's judiciary and legislature in their dealings with leftist President Hugo Chavez often leads to the abuses.

A related example: Washington Post: Venezuela annuls election of anti-Chavez mayor

The Supreme Court threw out the 2008 election of Jorge Barboza, mayor of the Sucre municipality in western Zulia state, on grounds that he failed to pay $292 in local taxes.

The Supreme Court appointed Humberto Franka Salas, a member of Chavez's ruling party, as interim mayor.

El Universal: Seven Cuban doctors sue Cuba and Venezuela over "modern slavery"

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