11 February 2010

Greek Protesters: We Want To Go Over The Cliff! Yea!

Times (UK): A continent looks on nervously as Greek union flexes muscles

The historical hub of civilised Europe found itself cut off from the rest of the Continent yesterday as workers in Greece grounded flights, paralysed ports and blocked border crossings.

Outside parliament in Athens, thousands of public sector workers shouted “traitor, traitor!”.

The austerity plan put together by the Socialist Government of George Papandreou is intended to close Greece’s huge budget deficit — 12.7 per cent of gross domestic product — and thus ease a crisis that is sucking in the whole southern tier of the eurozone.

Aww, poor babies: Greeks retire four years earlier than Germans (and Americans) and are furious at suggestions that the retirement age be raised by two years. The Greek government has proposed in increase of the retirement age from 61 to 63 by 2015.

More here: The Greek Tragedy…and America’s Future?

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