23 February 2010

Discussion of Alternatives On Iran

Daily Beast: The Wrong Way on Iran

The first alternative: Be more assertive about U.S. values and more damning of Tehran’s.

Second alternative: Ratchet up economic sanctions.

Third alternative: Make war, stop talking.

No one has a magic bullet for the Iran puzzle. But the history of power teaches us one thing above all: Don’t fail. What can be done is to work very closely with our Arab friends in the Gulf to strengthen them in the face of increasing Iranian pressure.

This would include behind-the-scenes efforts to bolster the legitimacy of friendly regional governments plus very public upgrades of U.S. capabilities to defend them, as the Obama administration is doing with missile defenses. I

t also means proceeding with sanctions against the Revolutionary Guard.

It entails continuing to try to sabotage Iran’s uranium-enrichment and other nuclear programs as well. This effort will slow down the Ahmadinejad government and give them something to worry about.

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