10 February 2010

Chavez's Venezuela: Crime Riddled Nation Sitting In Fear In The Dark

Washington Post: Pro-Chavez lawmakers plan to punish dissidents

Legislators allied with President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday they plan to adopt rules that will punish any lawmaker who abandons the socialist leader.

Government opponents say the initiative is aimed at intimidating lawmakers elected to the unicameral National Assembly on pro-Chavez platforms so they won't shift to the opposition.

Miami Herald: Venezuela heads toward disaster

What little is left of Venezuela's democracy has taken a literal beating from President Hugo Chávez's uniformed goon squads -- again.

Police used a variety of weapons, from water cannons to plastic bullets, last week to disperse hundreds of student protesters who refuse to knuckle under to an increasingly desperate and unpopular president determined to remain in power at all costs.

While the president and his followers were celebrating the anniversary of the failed 1992 coup that first brought him to national attention, the students were protesting the deterioration of their country. It wasn't the first time that Mr. Chávez has resorted to force to quell peaceful political opponents, but the frustration level inside the country is rising as Venezuela's political and economic situation goes from bad to worse.

Rolling blackouts, currency devaluation and price inflation (the worst in Latin America), water shortages and scarce commodities -- this is what 11 years of a Chávez presidency have produced.

Financial Times: Chávez declares electricity emergency

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