25 February 2010

The Best Decisions Money Can Buy: Competing Influences In Washington Between Toyota's Money and the UAW's Money

A few days ago, I posted about the money that Toyota has injected into our political system, and how that would affect the decision-making process. (See Government Bought And Paid For By Toyota)

I guess we had better hope that all this money and influence peddling cancel each other out. Ah, the new American way. Just replace truth and justice with money and influence.

Examiner: Thirty-one House Dems quizzing Toyota execs got UAW campaign cash

There is a combined total of 59 Democrats serving on these two panels, which hold potentially life-and-death power over Toyota's ability to continue offering its products to American consumers. So far this year, 31 of the 59 have received re-election campaign contributions ranging from as low as $500 to as high as $10,000 from the United Auto Workers union.

Why is that significant? Because the UAW is a major stockholder of Toyota's top U.S. rival, General Motors. Also, Toyota has successfully resisted UAW attempts to organize the Japanese firm's estimated 31,000 assembly line workers employed in five plants here in America.

Democrats have been telling America for years that special interest money corrupts government. I wonder if that is not the case now in these hearings in which Toyota executives are being grilled and are being subjected to an avalanche of negative coverage in the Mainstream Media.

The full list of recipients and amounts are at the link, above.

I have to say, it seems small potatoes compared to the amount Toyota has spent and is spending.

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