13 January 2010

Editorial Calls For Third Party Uprising

Via Poli-Tea: From SCnow.com: Time for a third party uprising

Money drives Washington, and it’s driving this country off a cliff of no return.
Both parties agree campaign finance reform needs to be done, according to their campaign speeches, but it never happens. The public approves of it. The big money doesn’t.

Something we agree upon should be easier to implement than thornier issues like health care, but Congress doesn’t tackle it.

“Throwing the bums out” only works if the replacement doesn’t play for the same team.

When our calls and letters are dismissed or denied so continuously, our only true option for change is a third party to challenge the two-party duopoly over our current system.

Third party and independent candidates speak out where others often don’t.

As citizens, we are responsible in part for the way our country has drifted. Most people don’t vote, don’t call, don’t write and don’t pay attention to politics.

We have a responsibility to stay as informed as possible.

Then, we must tell our delegations in D.C. what we want. They aren’t mind readers. They read polls and campaign contributions mostly.

We have to demand specific and achievable change especially in the campaign finance arena.

To do so, Congress needs to define corporations differently or reinstate old laws that corporations had to produce some public good to retain their charters.

An activist Supreme Court changed the relationship we have with corporations by defining them as “people” in terms of free speech. Now corporations are leveraging that decision to potentially derail the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Rules that limit the amount they can contribute by claiming that donating money is a form of free speech. The Supreme Court has heard arguments and should come to a decision by the end of its session.

Free speech is not money. Some people start with more; some are given more by parents or family; some start with nothing. How can free speech, an unalienable right, be equated with something that is not so equitable? It can’t, and it shouldn’t be.

Neither party is doing what we want. We need to fund and support candidates who will or find fresh faces to compete or run for office ourselves.

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