03 December 2009

NBC Universal - Comcast Merger: Let's Hope The Leviathan Decides To Play Nice

Atlantic Wire: Comcast to Merge With NBC: A Behemoth on the Rise?

Post Tech: Vivendi's sale of NBC clears way for Comcast; public interest groups decry merger

Already public interest groups are decrying a merger, saying a deal would concentrate too much media within one company, which could be particularly bad for consumers because Comcast would also control how viewers get their shows.

“I am especially concerned about the effects the merger would have on evolving technologies for delivering video over the Internet," Andrew Schwartzman, president of public interest group Media Access Project, said in a statement. He worries that consolidation of this kind would give Comcast further incentive to strangle such new forms of competition before they can gain a toehold in the market.

Examiner.com: Comcast GE deal is no deal for consumer

Most Americans don't get all hot and bothered by this type of thing and after all, many citizens have bigger fish to fry like trying to earn a living, keep a job or find one. In the final analysis though, this horrid trend continues in consolidation and it isn't healthy for so few to control such vast content, news, entertainment not to mention ultilities and cable has become one, more or less.

Some day and it may not be in the distant future, some mega company, like Comcast, could own it all. Where would one go for a better rate? Worse yet, what if Comcast and some, so called, competitor had similar rates and service? Well, that is slowly happening and the average citizen hasn't much say so. The only thing you may want to do is buy stock in the company and root for greater share of the market place. If you own that market place, you should do very well.

Democracy Now: Comcast Moves Closer to Purchasing NBC Universal

In media news, the nation’s largest cable television company Comcast appears one step closer to buying the television and movie giant NBC Universal from General Electric. Such a deal would give Comcast control of the NBC network, the Spanish-language Telemundo, cable channels including MSNBC, dozens of local television stations and the Universal film studio.

Josh Silver of the media reform group Free Press said “If Washington allows this deal to go through, Comcast will have unprecedented control of marquee content and three major distribution platforms: Internet, broadcast and cable. We’ve never seen this kind of consolidated control.”

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