06 December 2009

Stop Wasting Your Time, Money, and Votes on the Democrats and Republicans

I have gotten used to the intelligent and passionate arguments made at Poli-Tea against the Republicans and Democrats and for supporting third parties. Linked below are two recent posts, where he once again demonstrated the intellectual shortcomings of defending the political status quo.

The Choice is Clear: Independence from the Democratic-Republican Party or Subjugation by the Democratic-Republican Party?

Perhaps the only thing ideologues of the Republican and Democratic Parties fear more than one another are credible independent and third party challenges to the two-party political status quo.

Though it is a mystical dogma of duopolist ideology that the two-party system is a quasi-eternal condition of politics as such, does not the palpable fear of an active, engaged and independent citizenry among partisans of the Democratic-Republican Party reveal the fragility of the reigning two-party state and the duopoly system of government?

Actually, the biggest beneficiaries of a third-party movement would be the people who successfully liberated themselves from the dictatorship of the Democratic-Republican Party. Nonetheless, one wonders how effective the spoiler argument can be among individuals who have determined that the Republican and Democratic Parties function as a unit.

On Victory: To Defeat the Democratic or Republican Party You Have to Defeat Both the Republican and Democratic Parties

Thus it is no coincidence that the "laws and regulations" that "control elections" favor the two-party state, it is in this way that Democrats and Republicans have institutionalized the dictatorship of the Democratic-Republican Party and ensure their continued control over virtually all aspects of government in the United States, though taken together Democrats and Republicans barely constitute a majority of the population if they constitute one at all.

Nonetheless, as a general rule of thumb, we can state with some degree of confidence that the typical Democratic-Republican response to a given problem requires confronting that problem with strategies that have failed to solve it in the past. So it is with the problem of the Democratic and Republican Parties themselves.

Independent and third party politics aims first and foremost at ceasing to reproduce this problem.

Recently, because of my support of the Modern Whig Party, I have received emails claiming that any such effort will only lead to the Democrats controlling everything. Oh, no! (Never mind the fact that the Democrats already control Congress and the White House.) Implicit in their accusations is that because they don't like the Democrats, I must support a political party that I cannot in good conscience support.

No, thanks. I have decided my support must go in another direction. Some might argue that it is a waste to support a new political party, but I have no less influence now affiliated with a third party than I did with a major party. I mean, what difference did my earlier participation with a major party make, other than now serving as a bit of embarrassment for me?

Besides, it is a fallacy that support for the Modern Whigs comes only at the expense of the Republicans. As I mentioned here: The Broad Approach of the Modern Whigs

There are some in the Modern Whig Party who may be further to the right of me, and some that are further to the left. An online survey last year showed an almost even division between those who were previously Republican and Democratic, with plenty of former Libertarians, some Greens, and some pure Independents.

That result always heartened me. I took it to mean that the Modern Whigs were doing something right, and that the desire for real change, honesty in politics, and for regular people to take back control of our country from our incompetent elites is broader and more comprehensive that the media will ever allow to be known.

The frustration building politically is due to the inability of either party to adequately address the concerns of the American people. This public frustrations is mounting because the two parties have embedded themselves so deeply into the institutions of government and the media that they cannot easily be dislodged, despite their inadequacies and unpopularity.

So the electorate bounces back and forth, seeking relief first from one and then the other, and not finding it.

If you are fed up, uninterested in politics, sick of politicians, then do something about it. If you don't like the Modern Whigs, then locate and support the Greens, the Libertarians, the Constitutional Party, the American Centrist Party, or whatever the hell else you come across. You owe it to yourself. Go exercise your freedom. You'll feel better.

Afraid you will throw away your vote? You are throwing it away by voting for candidates you don't really want to win, anyway. Give your vote a purpose.

And if it means the Democrats or the Republicans fail, then let the chips fall where they may.


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"but I have no less influence now affiliated with a third party than I did with a major party."

You may well have more now.

Thanks for the shout out.

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