05 December 2009

Small Businesses Need Certainty

The Examiner: Job creation requires certainty, not government action

Small businesses create most of the jobs in an economy such as ours. But small businesses find it impossible to plan on expanding because they do not know what it will cost them to take on more staff.

What they do know is that if the health care bill passes in anything like its current versions, their health care costs will rise. They know, too, that if the pledges the president is about to make at the Copenhagen, Denmark, climate change summit are ratified by Congress, their energy costs will rise.

And, finally, they know that passage of the president's health care and energy programs, not to mention finally paying for the trillions of debt he is incurring, mean higher taxes for them.

This is not exactly a setting in which businessmen, especially small-business men, see a bright future. Uncertainty about some things, certainty about even worse things -- so hunker down, don't hire just yet, wait and see if things turn out as badly as it now seems likely they will.

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