07 December 2009

Rules, Rules, Rules

OC Register: We're increasingly ruled by rules

[A]s government expands its reach, we are facing bigger lines, additional nonsensical rules and more bureaucracy. You can barely do anything these days without getting approval from the authorities these days, and this touches on even the smallest, most inconsequential areas of our existence.

I'm focusing on those small aspects of life, because if the government won't leave us alone on these matters, don't expect it to leave us alone on the big stuff. Like good citizens, we all follow the new rules and the nonsensical restrictions.

I haven't seen much civil disobedience lately. I'm not as concerned that our nation will become a land of gulags, but that it already is becoming a land ruled by bureaucrats and defined by endless lines and paperwork – and even simple pleasures will be banned or so greatly restricted that they are not worth the bother. If you think it's bad now, just wait until these folks get control of your health care.

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