07 December 2009

Learn More About The Modern Whig Party

Revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the grassroots movement has quickly attracted tens of thousands of members.
Modern Whig members are independent-minded voters who want to be affiliated with a moderate, common-sense party. While we are idealistic to some extent, we also see the value of independent thinking and danger of being limited to one distinct ideology.

The Modern Whig Party is not some sterile organization. We encourage participation and offer leadership positions to many qualified members. Our mission is to re-enter the public consciousness and cater to those voters who are independent-minded and find themselves cherry-picking issues from both the GOP and the Democratic Party.
Perhaps this is why our membership is so diverse in their geographic locations, occupations and lifestyles.
We believe that independent voters are the silent majority and all-to-often have to settle for the "lesser of two evils." We also realize that re-establishing a third party is an uphill climb under the current system. This is why our growing membership is key. The Modern Whig Party is geared toward those independent voters who want to be affiliated with a palatable national party.

We know how hard it is to establish a viable third party. But strength comes in numbers. The Modern Whig Party represents the middle-of-the-road mentality. Our agenda is merely to express our common-sense ideals and slowly gain ground into the mainstream consciousness. In short, the Modern Whig Party is for the rest of us.

Mainstream advocacy:

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY — The Modern Whig philosophy is to empower the states with the resources to handle their unique affairs.

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE — Reduce dependence on foreign oil by developing practical sources of alternative energy. This will have the simultaneous effect of changing the national security dynamic.

EDUCATION/SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT — Increased public and private emphasis on fields such as space, oceanic, medical and nanotechnology. Also, providing common-sense solutions to enhance our educational system from pre-school to university-level studies.

FEDERALISM — Each state can generally determine its course of action based on local values and unique needs.

SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE — Government should refrain from legislating morality.

VETERANS AFFAIRS — Vigilant advocacy relating to the medical, financial, and overall well-being of our military families and veterans.

For more information, go to ModernWhig.org.


Spencer Aldridge said...

I'm a candidate in Kentucky of the MWP of KY and was wondering where/who I could contact about rights to the image you have here?

Anonymous said...

That would be me I designed it for my campaign.
Greg Jones ravenzeye@yahoo.com