08 December 2009

Learn More About the Modern Whig Party of Texas

The members of the Modern Whig Party of Texas support and advance the following principles:
  1. liberty and individual responsibility are the foundations of civilized society;

  2. the government is only the instrument of the citizens it serves;

  3. any action of the government must respect the principles of fiscal responsibility and public accountability;

  4. constitutional liberty is based upon the principles of separation of powers;
  5. justice requires that in all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, and to a fair verdict free from any political influence;

  6. government control of the economy and private monopolies both threaten political liberty;

  7. rights and duties go together;

  8. every citizen has a moral responsibility to others in society;

  9. civil society and constitutional government provide the most just and stable basis for political order;

  10. civil society is constituted of free citizens, living within a framework of established law, with individual rights guaranteed, with the powers of government limited and subject to public accountability;

  11. an economy based on free market rules leads to the most efficient distribution of wealth and resources, encourages innovation, and promotes flexibility;

  12. everyone should have equal access to a full and varied education;

  13. every citizen possesses freedom of speech, religion, association, access to information, and equal rights for both men and women;

  14. service members and veterans shall be respected for their service, accordingly, the government is responsible to care for those who have borne the battle, for their widow or widower, and for their orphan; and,

  15. preservation of the rights of free citizens requires both an armed citizenry and a strong national defense.

Recent Update to Texas Whigs:

We are continuing our grassroots efforts to organize. A guide has been sent to all of our county chairs, with instructions and forms relating to the precinct and county conventions to be held on March 2, 2010.

We are looking for volunteers to make arrangements for the county meetings. If you are interested in further involvement with the Modern Whigs, send an email to info@texaswhig.org.

We intend to follow up with a State Convention in Houston in June 2010. The tentative date is Saturday, June 26th, 2010, but this is not finalized yet.

A reminder to Texas Whigs about voting in other party's primaries. If you vote in a another party's primary, you cannot attend the Precinct/County Conventions, or the State Convention. By voting in a party primary, Texas law says you have joined that party for the rest of the year. This may surprise some of you, who didn't realize you were joining a party when you vote in a primary!

This may be frustrating for many of you, but it is another way state law works against new parties. Voting in a general election is a civic duty, but Texas law states that primary voting is a partisan activity.

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