05 December 2009

Blue-Collar Working Men Hit Hardest, Ignored the Most

'Forgotten Man' II: Two-Thirds of Jobless Blue-Collar

[B]ased on the latest Bureau of Labor data blue-collar laborers account for about two-thirds, 67.9 percent, all job losses in this recession.

The broadest unemployment measure is 17.2 percent today, which includes those who lost work but have stopped searching for fulltime employment.

Consider that the manufacturing, construction and information sectors still lost 85,000 jobs last month. Tell those men and women the Great Recession is over.

Looking back, as we know, political discourse gets so stuck in the right-left paradigm that other criticisms lose voice. No stimulus! Huge stimulus! But what we got was an ineffective stimulus. What's that about splitting the baby?

To reiterate months of reporting by many, including myself, Democrats did not target the stimulus toward those losing the bulk of the work.

We now have the largest jobless gender gap in modern American history, and it's men on the receiving end.

The hard hats were left behind.

Word came this morning that President Obama will, in a speech Tuesday, propose new initiatives to create jobs. What can he now propose? The stimulus failed to be as big on impact as it was on spending. That fact has spoiled the public's appetite for any new big jobs bill. Expect piecemeal initiatives.

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