27 November 2009

Time To Change Course On Space Exploration

From Future Pundit, via Instapundit: Space Exploration Takes Too Long For Democracies?

Funding the usage of old space technology is a waste that is done as a form of entertainment. The proposed Mars mission would use pretty conventional technology for space launch and for interplanetary travel.

I see this as a waste of time.

We need bigger steps forward that can lower costs and drastically cut risks. A space elevator made using nanotechnology could radically slash the cost of reaching low Earth orbit. To get to Mars a nuclear electric plasma propulsion system could transport humans in less than 6 weeks.

Image of VASIMR from Ad Astra Rocket Company.

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jmpf said...

6 weeks is pretty good (better than 6 months) -- but really as the saying goes -- you are halfway to anywhere in the solar system if you get out of Earth's gravitational field; so in this respect a space elevator would be the hot ticket indeed,

come check out http://diyship.com for information on ppl who are doing just this!