27 November 2009

In Saudi Arabia, Sentenced To Death. For Witchcraft.

I thought of a lot a smart ass things to say, but in the end, I am just floored that the human race still convicts people of witchcraft. Since starting this blog, I have posted on alleged witchcraft in several places, the Congo, India, Nigeria. What the hell? For all of human progress, a sizable number of people still adhere to these superstitious beliefs. And my local paper still prints horoscopes. Sigh.

BBC: Saudi Arabia urged to quash witchcraft death sentence

The New York-based group Human Rights Watch has called on Saudi Arabia to overturn a death sentence given to a man convicted of practising witchcraft.

Human Rights Watch accused Saudi courts of "sanctioning a literal witch hunt by the religious police".

"The crime of 'witchcraft' is being used against all sorts of behaviour, with the cruel threat of state-sanctioned executions," said Sarah Leah Whitson, the group's Middle East director.

Human Rights Watch also said reports in Saudi media suggested that two other people had been arrested for witchcraft in the past month.

In addition, a Saudi woman remains on death row after being sentenced for the same crime last year.

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