27 November 2009

Another Checks Out Modern Whigs

From Capitol Hill Blue: Republican Litmus Test 2009

I got a kick out of the new RNC set of guidelines for acceptance into the Republican Party Candidates. If anyone was here at CHB in 1999 you might have read my list of Prohibitions that would soon be incorporated in the RNC. When I wrote about this I had hundreds of Republicans screaming that they would NEVER have a litmus test for candidates. I fear I may have given them the idea.

The two items on this Litmus Test that I knew were coming as tests to join the GOP were: opposing gay marriages and a ban on abortions. There is no way in hell Governor Reagan would have planned this. He was the first State Governor to sign Roe v Wade accepting the law in California.

His background in the arts and the moving pictures kept him involved with the talented gay musicians, designers and actors in Hollywood. They were as equal as you and me.

This new RNC group believes they can simply write a list of everything President Obama wants and rub it out with insults. I did not vote for President Obama but never in a million years would I ever vote Republican again. The RNC would be better served if they would add keeping the candidates pants zipped for starters.

They speak of Governor Palin, comedy personalities Rush and Beck as if they have the ability to win any election.

Seeing the need for this Litmus test shows me how weak and insecure the GOP has become. I say, let them die out in their disgraceful actions. I’m checking out the Modern Whig party. I’m not suggesting it here and I will offer no address but I will check them out.

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