18 May 2009

Why We Need A Strong, Viable, New Party

One of the problems I began to have with the two older parties was how if you voted for them, you might end up supporting a position on an issue with which you disagreed.

There are many examples of how the two older parties force political ideas together that do not belong together.

For example, if you vote GOP in the past in the hopes of lower taxes, you probably also ended up voting for teaching creationism in science class.

Or if you support a Democrat because you think that banks need greater regulation, you end up giving comfort to the wackos in Code Pink.

Another example is education. The Republicans often seem to want to do away with public education altogether. The Democrats are in the pockets of the teacher's unions. Who to vote for there?

I support public education, and want to see it improved, not eliminated. I also think that the teacher's unions have damaged education. Because of the unions, the only way teachers can increase their pay is through seniority, like a worker on an industrial assembly line. But students are not widgets to be stamped out. The key is to improve teacher quality. That cannot be done if the only way to advance in salary is time, regardless of quality or ability.

The problem is that on many issues, I am dissatisfied with my political bedfellows in either political party.

There needs to be an alternative, a real choice. That is why many are starting to realize we need a real choice, and a strong new political party needs to arise.

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