31 May 2009

Big Brother Tex Is Watching You

From Grits for Breakfast: Big Brother Watch: TX Senate would authorize license plate readers on TX highways

[T]he Texas Senate approved an amendment authorizing the damn license-plate readers after TXDoT denied a request by the DEA last year, discussed previously on Grits here and here.

In their blog post on the story, the San Antonio Current lets us know that "Texans who are concerned about Article 33’s Orwellian implications can use a form set up by the ACLU to ask their representatives to call for it to be taken out of the bill.

"Potential for significant unintended consequences lie in these devices' deployment, particularly in Texas, where high traffic fines, sometimes with absurdist "civil" fees larded on top, have combined to leave more than one in 10 drivers with outstanding arrest warrants - mostly for traffic tickets - widespread use of license plate readers would make theoretically possible a dragnet that would overwhelm the jails and courts in a heartbeat if it were ever implemented to even a fraction of its full potential.

One of the commentators to the post above asks if it is 2009 or 1984 in Texas.

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Gritsforbreakfast said...

Thankfully this idea is dead, for now. It may be brought back up if the Gov calls a special session on TXDOT's Sunset bill.