01 March 2009

Elephant Graveyard

The biggest problem the Republicans have is their own hypocrisy. Not that we expect much from politicians, but how can "people who voted for budget-busting tax cuts and spending increases during the Bush years now have the nerve to pose as fiscal conservatives?"

They can't. You and I know it, but I don't think the Republicans realize the mess they have gotten themselves into. When conservative bloggers come away from the CPAC conference saying things like this:

In contrast to political left, where bloggers and new media have propelled Democrats to stunning victory and are courted by their politicians at the annual Daily Kos convention, the conservative establishment still has no idea what to do with new media.

Many of this year’s CPAC speakers are the very architects of our political exile. Rather than coming to us in sackcloth and ashes for their total failure of leadership, they came with red meat one-liners intended to distract the crowd.

As fellow blogger Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugged observed, there was not a single panel on the War on Terror, the growing threats to free speech, or the cultural jihad underway in the West.

Bereft of ideas and locked in an abusive relationship with a political party that has shown nothing but contempt for conservatives, CPAC represents what is wrong with the conservative movement. In terms of representing the way forward for conservatives, CPAC is an epic fail.

Then you know the Republicans are in serious trouble. And I say bring it on. To hell with them. Let the dead bury the dead. It's time to shake up our stale politics and move forward with political realignment. It's long overdue.

Politics has been stuck in reaction and counter-reaction to FDR and the New Deal for far, far, too long. Political parties were never meant to last forever and ever. Politics is supposed to be dynamic and forward-looking. Two things that are noticeably lacking in the Republicans. So let's trade it in for a newer model.

For example, if I believe in the right to keep and bear arms, then why must I be grouped with a bunch of throwbacks that believe the universe is 6,000 years old? Alternatively, if I support a rational drug enforcement policy, then why do I have to be grouped with people that want to see us militarily defeated overseas? If I am for fiscal responsibility, and against corruption and waste in government, who exactly am I supposed to vote for? I cannot be the only one tired of either a lack of choice or a false choice.

From The Melting Pot Project (also where I found the image): Will Bailouts Cause Disillusion with Both Parties?

If DC's plan to prop up more and more failing businesses eventually falls apart - and there is a growing number of people who believe it will - Americans are going to have an interesting choice on their hands. The GOP is tripping over itself trying to re-establish its "fiscally conservative" label, but all the Kenneth-the-Page speeches in the world might not be enough to erase the memory of George Bush racking up debt like a credit card-wielding ecstasy addict in a sex toy shop. If voters don't believe that the Republicans will approach spending and bailouts any differently, they'll be faced with the choice of either completely giving up or looking outside the box.
The Cracks Begin to Form
Most proponents of small government can only watch so many bailouts happen before wanting to do something about it in the political arena. But the Republicans have so thoroughly crapped on the notion of less government that shifting support over to them seems like buying a Ford because you don't want your money going to an inherently flawed company like GM.

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