26 January 2009

Government That is as Limited as Possible and as Extensive as Necessary

One of stated goals of this blog was to try to figure out what a modern day Whig would think about the issues of the day. This was even before we became aware of the Modern Whig Party. So where are we now? A review of our posts indicates that some themes have developed.

Whigs should be for individualism, capitalism, and social reform. Social reform means policies that support social mobility, the availability of good education, and access to economic advancement and opportunity.

Looking back, here are some common themes to our posts:

Civil Liberties
Simpler, Lower Taxes
Less Bureaucracy
Open, Transparent Government
Personal Responsibility
Support for Small Business
Support for Public Education
Support for Scientific Research
Strong Military
Support for Veterans
Access to College
Lowering the Public Debt
Access to Affordable Heath Care For All
Reducing Dependence on Foreign Energy
Defense of our National Interests
Confronting Radical Islam
Improvements in Transportation and Communication


Anonymous said...

I think you misheard Obama, he said expensive, not extensive government. GIMME,GIMME,GIMME!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The government's role should be limited to only the extent necessary to provide for the efficient operation of society.