14 May 2008

Why Whig?

THE WHIG is conservative in the sense that we want to conserve the legacy of the American Revolution. THE WHIG supports individual liberty and the defense of that liberty. THE WHIG believes the government should be limited, with individuals in our society free to pursue their own happiness. THE WHIG no longer wants to continue to vote against a candidate or a party; we want something to vote for, not just selecting between the lesser of two evils.

Our two main political parties are plagued by internal inconsistencies.

The Democrats intrude in economic matters under the guise of either "fairness" or "the planet". It is popularly accepted that they are the most supportive of personal privacy. Is this perception accurate? Progressive Democrats are willing to massively intrude into personal or family autonomy in the name of "diversity" and "political correctness". Progressive Democrats do not have a "live and let live" approach towards those that do not support their efforts to alter traditional social norms. See "Liberal Fascism" and also here.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are seen as willing to allow economic liberty while seeking to impose their religious social views. Is this perception accurate? Republican are more than willing to support state intervention in the economy when it favors their supporters. See "The Conservative Nanny State" and CEPR.

The Democrats are a more natural "party of government". Willing to accept a wide range of views in their ranks, they are tolerant as long as it helps them gain control of government resources, which they use to buy off sections of the electorate into supporting them. The Republicans are more inept in this, being less willing to accept a wide range of ideologies since their political tolerance is limited by the religious basis of their party's positions. Both are simply political machines, willing to use their political power to direct public resources towards the financial gain of their supporters.

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Republicans have recently failed to become the "party of government". Republicans are setting new standards for pork-barrel spending. Abandoning their limited government beliefs, the party has shifted over the years and no longer represents fiscal responsibility, limited government, and has let the religious right cloud its direction and principles. The big-government, "compassionate conservatism" of Tom Delay and George W. Bush has cast their previous principles over the side in favor of money and control.

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Democrats think the government knows best how to take care of you and legislates accordingly.

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They are unnecessarily isolationist, and pursue their positions beyond practicality.

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A nationalistic, religious-based party that thinks the Republican are too soft on social issues.

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Would pursue radical and damaging changes to our national economy.

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